Singing to the Radio

Published on April 2, 2015 under Testimonials

I first met Laura Ann at a psychic fair in Jupiter last October. I was just naturally drawn to her smile and her energy and when I read her Bio and asked her about herself I knew I found my reader, healer, spiritual guide or whatever you want to call her. Ever since then I have made sure to catch up with her whenever I can. I just had a half hour reading from Laura at her most recent Fair this Sunday and I had to write a little something to say thank you to her. She made me feel so good about some decisions I have made and helped me connect to an inner strength I didn’t even know I had. We laughed, I cried and I got in my car realizing that a huge shift had just occurred in my life, in my heart and I drove home singing to the radio like I haven’t I a long time. I recommend that anyone who needs a little help, a little laugh, or a  kick in the back they need to call Laura and see what a Shaman can do for you.

Sally G., Greenacres, Florida


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