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Your body is a temple, your gifts are to be used, and neither is to be taken advantage of or abused.

Published on July 29, 2015 under General Topics

I am going to be up on my soap box here a bit, but I promised several of my followers that I would address this.

I have repeatedly been asked about health, its effects on magic, intuitive abilities, and more. There is a direct correlation and despite the correlation neither dictates being a teetotaler or a vegan. The ultimate end goal is to eat healthily as possible and treat your body a.k.a your temple well.

There is a direct correlation of our health to the ability and purity of our gifts. Enjoy yourself, just don’t over indulge. Get plenty of rest; avoid hangovers, processed junk, and fast foods. If you worship at the temple of McDonalds several times a week, it’s going to have an effect. If you worship at the temple of Budweiser, your ability to read someone will be reduced for days depending on how hard you worshiped that particular deity. Does this mean never have fast food or a drink? No, but getting drunk several times a month isn’t going to win you any awards either.

This brings me to the bigger question at hand which is the use of our gifts. The ability to practice magic, shamanism, read tarot, work as a medium, be clairvoyant and more are gifts granted to us by the Universe. The Universe is a tricky task master; it expects us to behave above and beyond the standard moral code. We are the trend setters, the examples of achieving enlightenment and spirituality. You can’t do that getting drunk regularly or eating horribly all the time.

I get asked if there are people whom I cannot read. The answer is yes. There are also people who cannot read me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being unable to read a particular person. There are those who swear they can read anyone and everyone. If that was true, I wouldn’t have defectors as I like to call them leaving one reader and seeing me. I have also turned people away because there is zero connection between us. You are doing your client a disservice if you wing your way through a reading hoping to get some aspect right. We have a hard enough time as readers having to counteract the scam artists that are out to rip people off. It bothers me greatly when I hear or see a fellow practitioner speak about being or feeling off kilter and still doing readings and healing, even though they aren’t connected. To me that is unacceptable, because even readers and healers need time out and time off.

Think of that part this way. Would you want a surgeon who is sporting a headache from maybe one drink to many the day before and tired from 4 back to back surgeries prior to yours operating on you where one small move could seriously mess you up? No? Then what makes you think it’s ok to read someone or attempt a healing when you’re not energetically ready for it either?

The same goes for people working in a coven or other magical group, not just readers and healers. I am singling them out more because we charge fees for our services. In conjunction, if your high priest, priestess or group leader insists on large quantities of alcohol before and during ritual, realize straight out that anything you cast or invoke that night is going to be messed up. Yes, I have been questioned about this issue and asked whether or not it is standard practice.

Let me make a small disclaimer though; wine or mead is integrated in many ceremonies and generally a glassful/drinking horn worth (or less) is consumed by any singular participant. This is considered ritualistic. The other is drinking to the point of intoxication and has been brought to my attention as a problem needing addressing.

Our bodies are temples and conduits of our gifts. We must treat them as such with the utmost importance. You cannot expect to a channel if you are exhausted, hung over, disconnected, malnourished, and more. It is a disservice to us, our clients, and fellow practitioners. Abuse your gifts and privileges and the Universe can and will take them from you until the lesson is learned.

The Universe expects and commands us to be above and beyond the standard moral code of the regular guy. You are to be setting the example of enlightenment, spirituality, contentedness, healing, Universal love, and more. You are ambassadors to the spirits, Earth and all other creatures and beings. There is absolutely no excuse to be anything less.


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