A Science Minded Reader!

Published on January 19, 2016 under Testimonials

I have had several sessions with European Shaman Laura Thornton. As a guy, I have found many of the local readers too light or too whimsy for my personal tastes. I have a degree in molecular biology so I like hard concrete facts and figures. I first met Laura at one of the many psychic fairs she participates in. I don’t remember why I decided to see her. She was the only person I sat down with that day. Maybe it was her question, “Are you ready to Rock-n-Roll with the Universe?” that caught me off guard when she walked up to me as I was looking at the profiles. Her style may even be considered a bit unorthodox to some, but for me it is exactly what I need when I meet with her. She has helped me navigate the strange waters of being a scientist and a person with devout spiritual beliefs. This isn’t always as easy as it would seem. When she shared that she herself possessed a science degree my hesitation went away immediately. I automatically knew she spoke my language. I had also served two tours in Iraq, and I was having a lot of issues resolving what I saw over there. I was on a support crew so I never saw combat directly, but the images stick with you. She has been there every time I email her with those feelings and how they are in conflict with my spiritual belief. She also reminds me to share those beliefs with my personal therapist. She knows that healing comes from many directions, not just one. Not only does she know that, she knew how to speak to me as a guy. You have no idea how comforting and stress relieving those things are. She doesn’t coddle you or talk down to you, she talks to you and works through whatever it is with you. Don’t get me wrong, she gives “homework” as she likes to call it. Her readings are about improving yourself, your work and your life. If you are looking for someone who is strong, concrete and decisive in their work then you couldn’t pick a better person.

Johnathan S.


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