Dedication Ritual

Published on January 23, 2016 under Testimonials

We aren’t particularly religious in the basic sense. My husband and I were both raised in the Christian faith, but found our way to general paganism when we were young adults. One of the things we missed that did exist in the church were these rites of passage that seemed to mark varying stages in a child’s life. We didn’t belong to a coven or a kindred or any other organized group. We were given Laura’s name and information by a friend who knew her and said that she was a wealth of knowledge and if anyone could help, she could. Help us she did! She explained that there were similar practices within the many forms of paganism out there. She helped us plan a dedication ceremony for not only US but our two children. She had us gather a small group of friends and held the small ceremony at our home in Stuart. It was simple, elegant and beautiful, but it created a bond between us and our children, our group of like minded friends and the Gods and Ancestors we believe in and follow. Our friends being there was equally important as they were acknowledging our commitment for ourselves and our dedication to raising our kids on a similar path. When the time comes, they will be given the opportunity to decide their permanent path themselves. (Thought that is many years in the future.) I didn’t expect the dedication of myself or my husband to have such a profound affect on me, but it did. It brought tears to both our eyes as if we were saying, HERE WE ARE, WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!. It renewed our resolve to really live our path even more and it is a beautiful thing.

Laura, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this knowledge and giving us such a wonderful gift. You are truly a blessing to us here in South Florida.

Jennifer, Blake, Dawson & Anna


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