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The 20 Ways/Assumptions of the Magical World View – Law #1

Published on February 1, 2016 under General Topics

universe chakra#1 Law of World Views

The world we perceive is actually the interface (mixture) of the noumenal world (the Tao, the objective reality that is unknowable), and our selves (the subjective). Changing your world view does not change the eternal, real world, but it does change the perceived world. This is important because it is the world we touch, see, and act upon. Changing your world view makes real changes in the world which is real to us. (See, VIII. Law of Reflection.)

Because there are an infinite number of ways to perceive the world, there are an infinite number of worlds we may assemble with our awareness. The true underlying reality is unknowable to us as long as we retain the world view of separateness and self. You can become one with the universe but you cannot step back and observe it, because you are in it. You cannot observe a phenomenon without altering it by your mode of perception. There is no such thing as an independent observer. You participate in creating the world by perceiving it.


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