Escaping the Shadow of the Law of Attraction

Published on September 13, 2016 under Testimonials
I have to admit, when I first contacted Laura I was skeptical. I spent years following Abraham-Hicks and Law of Attraction ideology, and I found myself more broken than when I started. I saw multiple “certified coaches” and went to countless seminars. In the end, the only thing I felt like I did was to spend money, feel worse off, and as if I was attracting every single horrible thing I encountered or my family encountered and that I would never master attracting the good. I had been convinced that I was so flawed, all I could do was continually go to counseling with all of these people to ‘rid’ myself of these so called ‘shadows’ in order to be prosperous or blessed. I was blinded to the goodness that actually was there because I shouldn’t “settle” for what I had. I spent over 4 years and probably more money that I would care to admit on this path.
I don’t know how I found her. It was really by accident. A friend of a friend of a friend had liked something on Facebook and told me to take a look. I took a look and I started reading her Universal Laws series on her website. So I took a chance and I emailed her. She scheduled a call for when we were both available. I asked her about the “Law of Attraction” and she laughed. I then asked which of the 20 laws did it fall under? (She is only half way through the series.) She said none. I was so floored and so quiet, that she actually asked me if I was still there. She explained that the concept can be found within the 20 Laws, if you twist them around a bit, maybe, but it does not exist on its own. She also stated that concept itself evolved from started from the New Thought theory in 1877 but gets that theory wrong on many levels. On its own, Law of Attraction is an incomplete law and lacks the true nature of its source. She then described me and how I was feeling point on. I talked to her at length about the shadow coaching side. She said that many of the tools they used are very dangerous unless you are a licensed medical therapist. They can do more harm than good.
After talking for over an hour, free of charge, I scheduled my first session with her. I went with the soul retrieval because I truly felt as if i had been shattered. Because of its intensity we did 30 minutes of retrieval and 30 minutes of Reiki. I saw her for three sessions total and each session we discussed how to reframe my way of thinking about the world in general. I now understand that yes, we do attract things to ourselves, but that isn’t the whole of it. Having a positive attitude about life means we remember to focus on the positive, which in turn allows us to handle the less positive more easily. I think what I liked most was her metaphor about life. We are all on the same great big highway. Most of us are cruising along, jiving with the Universe and being the enlightened people we seek and strive to be. Once in a while though someone is reckless and crosses our path, causes an accident, or you have to change course or you get run off the road. This doesn’t change who we are or means we attracted the accident or incident. It simply means that it happened. How we choose to respond is the truest test of who we are. Bad things happen to good people. She then said that the more ‘good’ you sew the more ‘good’ you reap. The more worthy you show the Universe you are, the more it is willing to give you in reward and to see how you react. You can ask and beg for millions of dollars, but if you do not share that prosperity with others, it will be taken away. In other words, share your gifts, no matter how small. Be grateful for all your blessings you have now, and in return, you will have more. There is no guarantee to be free from sorrow or disappointment. Now that is a concept I can get behind.
Corwin Bergaroff


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