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One Card Draw for the week of October 10th, 2016

Published on October 10, 2016 under Weekly Readings

norway-geirangerfjordDeck: Messenger Oracle
Card: #40 – See Yourself in Nature

You are a part of the natural world and it is a part of you. You are made up of energy, structures, atoms, molecules, what we call chemicals and compounds, all coming and stemming from nature. Too often we forget those connections on both the large scale and the microscopic scale. To see yourself in nature is to remember where you are in the every evolving realm of the Universe. Some things are bigger than you and some are smaller. Your place is unique unto you. There is no exact carbon copy of how you are exactly made. Sure, there are strong similarities, but we haven’t mapped out every corner of our DNA or our minds. In Shamanism we use animal archetypes to describe people and nature to describe complex ideas. As a Shaman I fully strive to understand the intricate part nature plays within our lives. We are so interconnected that when we fall out of sync, nothing feels right and everything is a struggle. So your goal is to remember to see yourself in the natural world and how you interconnect to every part of it.

Key Phrase for the week: I am part of nature and nature is part of me.


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