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2017 Overview

Published on January 9, 2017 under Weekly Readings

Deck: Messenger Oracle

January: #17 Heed Your Dreams

The month of January, will be about setting goals for your future, dreaming beyond your wildest imagination and exceeding your expectations. Your dreams and your aspirations will be the driving factors on how you will approach of the remainder of the year. Everyone and anyone needs to start a dream/manifestation journal if they haven’t already. This journal isn’t going to just be for your dreams; it will be for your goal setting, magical practices, and manifestation work. We are taking a regular journal and turning it into a magical work of art, a book of shadows if you will. Be mindful and careful what you write and record. Be purposeful in your writing.

Key phrase: I will use my dream journal to create magic and my world.
February: #4 Be Without Malice

It is interesting that this card is representing a month we usually associate with love, generally romantic love. Yes Valentine’s Day is generally and overhyped commercialized holiday that does not represent its original intents. The goal for this month is to look at all forms of love. Your role is to practice each and every form of love each and every day. Even when we’re fighting our battles, we must continue to love our enemy. This ensures that we are being the honorable, forthright, eternal beings of light we were meant to be.

Key Phrase: I will practice love each and every day.
March: # 3 Respect Your Boundaries

March is all about setting self-boundaries. It is about self-care, self-love, self-respect and self-preservation. By practicing all of these we allow ourselves to be better people and therefore we’re able to take care of others better. Sometimes setting boundaries with loved ones and family members is the hardest. You will need to iron out these boundaries before you approach the Spring Equinox. Doing a boundary manifestation rite on that day would be a fantastic way to solidify them.

Key Phrase: I will set boundaries because I love myself.
April: #48 Wash Away Your Burdens

I am sure you have heard the quote, “April showers brings May flowers.” The focus for the month of April will be about cleansing. Spring cleaning is a must during this month. Cleansing rituals of your house, your work space, and yourself is a must. Performing cleansing rituals as a whole is mandatory. We are creatures of the light. It is our bounded duty to not only make sure our homes and our lives our pure, but we must also ensure that we do our part making sure the world surrounding us is pure. Imagine if every light worker joined forces on a single day and performed a cleansing ritual. Imagine the power that could potentially have? With Mercury in retrograde for most of the month, the slow pace of this energy is excellent for cleaning.

Key Phrase: I will cleanse myself, my home, and my surroundings to ensure light, love, and peace.
May: #26 Share Your Thoughts

The month of May will be all about writing and sharing your thoughts to the rest of the world. If you don’t blog, find another way to share your ideas. Facebook, tumblr, Instagram, livejournal, reddit, blogspot, whatever your tools, get them out there. They don’t have to be spiritual or magical in nature. They can even be the silliest whimsical out in left field ideas. The goal is to keep your creative juices flowing so the magical journaling you started in January doesn’t stagnate before the Summer solstice and the upcoming powerful Fall Equinox.

Key Phrase: I will write to keep my creativity alive and my spells powerful.
June: #7 Do Not Fear the Unknown

This is the month for you to dive into the occult. Dive deep and stare into the abyss. They days start growing shorter after the Summer Solstice and the shadows grow longer. Have you ever really worked with what lies in the shadows? It isn’t evil or dark, it is simply hidden from plain view. Dream walking, astral projection, manifestation work, and more are rooted in what lies in the shadow. It will be an excellent month to really work on your spell writing and casting.

Key Phrase: I will not fear what I cannot see.
July: #32 Protect the Wild and Green

This month is all about environmental activism. Pick an item or an action that you can do to help promote a healthier environment. If you tend toward Druidic studies, really dig into how they worked with nature in their spells and practices. Become a good steward by grabbing a garbage bag and just picking up junk (safely of course) along the beach. Volunteer to count sea turtle nests. Some places have bird and butterfly counts. Plant a butterfly plant in your yard.

Key Phrase: I will do my part to protect the natural world.
August: #24 Let Two Become One

August will be all about mergers: marriage, engagements, formation of covens or kindreds, study groups, formation of business alliances, etc. HOWEVER! It is also a month containing Mercury Retrograde, so all the legal paperwork must be done prior to August 11th. Now it is often said that mergers and unions that happen during times of struggle tend to be stronger in the end. This month should prove that true. You have the first week to get all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed and the signatures on the signature lines.

Key Phrase: I will bring together that which yearns to be together.
September: #15 Hear the Ancient Ones

The Fall Equinox signals the time when the nights take the balance of time. In the shadows lie the whispers of those who have gone on before us. Mercury leaves retrograde at the beginning of the month leaving the rest to work on divination and intuition. For those who are not into these arts, researching and studying your ancestry will bring huge insight to your world. This study will allow you to open doors into areas of your life and practice you never deemed possible. Our ancestors can become a source of energy and strength. Take this month to focus on harnessing that energy.

Key Phrase: I will honor my ancestors and heed their call.
October: #16 Heed the Messengers

They veil grows increasingly thin throughout this month. The whispers grow louder and stronger. Get to an intuitive if you yourself are not gifted with the art of listening to them. If you are looking to learn, taking a class or two on how to read would be well served during this month because it will be easier for the novice to make connections they may have once had but lost. Do not forget to honor all those who speak to you from across the veil on All Hallows Eve. Lighting candles for their honor and respect is a great way to make stronger connections.

Key Phrase: I will listen to the whispers of wisdom as they are granted to me.
November: #47 Trust in Magic

If you paid attention to the lessons in January, and the rest of the year, you should be ready to start casting more complex spells and your work will have become increasingly stronger. One thing tends to set everyone back, and that is trust in what we are doing. For this month, your goal is to set about your ritual work without fear of it not working. You must trust in your own ability and remove self-doubt about your work. This does not mean the Universe will grant you what you seek, but it does mean they will have more respect for your intentions so when they do decide to grant you your wishes, it will be more robust.

Key Phrase: I will trust in myself and my workings.
December: #30 Nurture All You Love

Sadly, we will see Mercury retrograde rear its ugly head at the beginning of the month. Luckily retrograde skips town on the 22nd easing tensions right in time for the holidays. This card is excellent for this month’s focus because it will remind us that even in the fog of retrograde we must remember to practice love, no matter how much that one uncle/aunt might drive us batty on a good day. It is also a reminder that it isn’t about the holiday swag or the stack of gifts under the tree. It isn’t about the money spent or the time decoration. It is a month to reconnect and nurture, celebrate and acknowledge, what gets lost the rest of the year.

Key Phrase: I will take the time to truly nurture those I love.


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