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April 4th, 2017 – Banishing Nightmares & Spiritual Dangers During Sleep

Published on April 24, 2017 under Shamanic Writings

Some people tend to perceive the dream-state’ hallucinatory fluidity as an opportunity to further one’s magical practices while others perceive it with fear and trepidation due to darker themed dreams being prevalent during their time of rest. That sense of exposure and vulnerability is no illusion. Many thing happen when we sleep. Your consciousness is surrendered to your subconscious and many of your defenses along with it. What many do not realize is that we are not only vulnerable to malevolent spirits during the day, we can also be more so at night.

While these don’t seemingly go hand in hand, it is often outside darker spiritual forces that can influence and turn our sleep in to less than restful, especially if you are prone to astral projection or dream walking. If you are a fledgling practitioner, some of these simple precautions will allow you to achieve the rest you need while you grow your skills. For others, they are simply a way to ensure you get that longed for peaceful night’s sleep.

So here are a few methods to help you with sleeping more soundly and deeply.

Dream Powder: Mimosa Magic
This is designed to banish bad dreams, stimulate good dreams and to encourage those dreams to come true.

1) Grind up rose petals, lilac petals and acacia gum in a mortar and pestle
2) Blend this with cornstarch
3) Add a few drops of essential oils of mimosa and bay lauarel. (If you like a sweeter, more floral aroma, you can also add a few drops of rose attar.)
4) Sprinkle the mixture between your sheets, or around the bed.

Dream Pillow
A dream pillow is basically a sachet filled with herbs and botanicals. These botanicals will aid you by not disturbing your sleep, but also providing a spiritual shield of protection. You can combine two or more of these as you see fit.
Angelica, Anise, Black Mustard Seeds, Cloves, Henna, Mugwort, Purslane, Rosemary, Rue, Saint John’s Wort, Southernwood, Sweet Annie, Sweet Flag (calmus), Vervain, Wormwood, and Yarrow.

Nightmare Spell: Crystals
Blue Crystals: esp: angelate, lapis lazuli, turquois
Black crystals: avoid onyx

How to use:

1) Wear them while sleeping so they are in contact with your skin
2) Place one or more under your pillow
3) Put several in a small flannel drawstring bag and wear it like a shield across your chest or beneath your cheek.
4) Create a gemstone circle around your bed.


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