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April 4th, 2017 – Mojo/Charm Bag

Published on April 3, 2017 under Shamanic Writings

Sometimes you need to carry a piece of magic with you everywhere you go. You’ve seen pictures of Shamans and other practitioners with a pouch around their neck. While those pouches don’t necessarily contain a singular spell like most mojo bags do, they do contain magical components and have a very specific purpose and serve the practitioner in that way. Other names for these bags are medicine hand, mojo hand, dilly bag, amulet bag, magic bag, phylacteries and more.

Mojo bags can be designed to do any number of things. These bags are filled with one or more power items depending on what you want to invoke. Over time, the bags themselves absorb all the various energies from what has been placed inside making the container become charged with energy and it becomes a magical item on its own. Traditionally most mojo bags were made from red flannel. Mine is made from blue suede. You can also make a sachet that is entirely sewn shut and can be placed in drawers, office cubicles, sewn in a regularly worn jacket, or the glove box of your car. Obviously the possibilities are endless.

Your components are going to vary depending on your intent. If you need a bag to bring in money, you will need to research and choose items associated with that.

Let’s say you wanted to create a general mojo bag for protection because you may live or work in a rougher part of town. Components you could use are: Acacia Bark or Thorns, Aloe Vera leaves, Bay Laurel, Betony, Black Cohosh, Black Tourmaline, blue crystal, colored sea glass, dried blueberry leaves, Hematite, Hyssop, Lodestone, Lavender, Patchouli, Rue, Rosemary, Rowan, Heather, red ribbon (great for tying the bag), small bell.

One excellent combination is known as the Nine Botanical Guardian sachet/bag. This is an excellent sachet to keep on your altar as it works to guard against spiritual and magical dangers. The components in this particular sachet are: Eyebright, Mallow, Mugwort, Self-heal, Speedwell, St. John’s wort, Vervain, Yarrow, and Wormwood.

Once the bag is complete and you have added all your components:
1.) Light a match and plunge it into the bag, extinguish it. (Do not set your bag or its contents on fire, be very careful if the bag contains dried botanicals or volatile essential oils.)
2.) Spit into the bag and pull the string tight. (Or sew shut). I knot mine to keep it closed.
That’s it! You have completed your bag.


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