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Full Moon Reading for May 2017

Published on May 8, 2017 under Shamanic Writings

May’s Full Moon is known as the Flower Moon. Depending on the tribe, May’s Full Moon was also called the Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon. The May Moon marked a time of increasing fertility, with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts, and plants in bloom. With that mentioned, there is nothing flower like with our Moon, there is fertile growth.

With our Moon in Scorpio, there will still be the strong urge for secrecy, silence and self-brooding. We may find the urge hide our true selves from those who are trying to get to know us on a deeper level. We are not necessarily going to feel like sharing our inner most secrets at this time. Don’t even think about it.

We will have a strong desire to seek out control over anything we have the ability to do so, especially relationships. During this moon we will want to be in the driver’s seat of our personal world and life. We don’t get to be in the driver’s seat but we do get to ride the surf board atop this energetic wave of change. Surf’s Up!

We will all find our romantic interests set afire! Passion and sex, deep love, brooding, and longing will be just some of the energies flowing through our bodies during the next several days. If you are not already attached, be very cautious about who you might attach yourself to.

We must be vigilant against holding grudges or jealousness towards others because other energies playing with the Moon are about promoting changes! This is not the time to hold onto past hurts, resentments or guilt. We must use this energy to release these growth inhibiting, soul draining, and life smothering energies and learn to express our feelings openly and directly. Refuse to hide or repress, counter to traditional Scorpio traits. One word of warning, we must be on our guard for those with superficial appearances or hidden motives.

With the Moon in 1st house, it is able to counterbalance the cold wet sting of Scorpio, which brings a small bit of relief. It allows all of these powerful energies to have a softer exterior, but not much, and helps by counterbalancing that deeply rooted need for secrecy. I’ll say it straight out, there will be zero room for secrecy most of this full moon.

This will allow us to bring forth our ability to relate very personally and sympathetically to other people. For the empaths out there, you will need to practice your grounding skills zealously. It will be this ability to relate that will allow us to make changes in our slice of the Universe, promote growth and ride all of this glorious energy into the upcoming Summer Solstice. This is the month of Life and Rebirth and here we have been handed a glorious tool to do just that.

With the Moon in Sextile to Pluto we will be better able to enjoy the emotional intensity. Not only will we be better equipped to handle an emotional crisis very well, will be able to dig deep and find the darkest roots that cause them and rip them out into the open, exposing them to light, forcing them to be healed. This healing will promote more growth and even MORE change.

I have mentioned change, have I not?

We must insist on bringing feelings between people out into the open to allow for real closeness and intimacy, stripping away barriers and dismantling life inhibiting secrets. In other words, all those feelings of resentment that you may have been harboring towards someone must be dragged into the open by you, or it will be done for you. Now, if you have already been working on exposing these things, the severity in which this might happen will be greatly lessened and the Universe is not too likely to just abruptly interrupt a healing in progress.

With the Sun in Taurus and in opposition to the Moon, we will feel this life altering, energy changing, push and pull which is intended to mold us and shape us in the caldera of the Universe’s energy. Our conscious intentions and desires will conflict with our subconscious emotional needs and drives on such a root level that we must allow ourselves to be metamorphosed into something grander, something more Universal. Our old selves will try to anchor us down to what is comfortable and well known, while our new self will strive to break free of the past allowing the Universe to create new purpose and new versions of our energy and spiritual selves.

To this we add the demanding Capricorn, where Pluto is seated. We will take such a strong, practical path in this evolution it will be as if we are writing a new business model for our new selves. Every detail can be seen if we are willing to see it. Everything we want to change can be changed if we are willing to work for it. We must ride this energy purposely and vigorously or it will tear us apart as it reforms us without our active participation.

For those of us gifted in the seeing arts, there will be huge energies focusing our attractions to the mysterious, the unknown, and to dangerous or challenging experiences. We must also actively engage in these energies, as they are a necessary stepping stone to extended abilities and growth.

We have been asking for change…. Here it is.


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