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May 15th, 2017 – Magic Box Spells

Published on May 15, 2017 under Shamanic Writings

Magic boxes are especially auspicious for luck spells. Because charms are stored together in these boxes, and especially if the box has power too, their power is concentrated and symbiotically enhanced. Once you create the box, it isn’t meant to simply stay stored on a shelf or in another place. Take out the box periodically and play with the charms inside. Absorb their power while imbuing them with your desire. Swap out the charms you carry with other charms in the box. Always maintain 7 charms in the box at all times.

Suggestions to fill the box with:
• High John the Conqueror
• Low John the Conqueror
• Small magnetic horseshoe
• Shamrock or 4 leaf clover
• Lodestone
• Fool’s Gold
• Real Gold
• Tonka Bean
• Lucky Hand Root
• Galangal Root
• Vanilla Bean
• Black Snake Root
• Galangal Root
• Vetiver
• Archangel Root
• Mandrake
• Ginseng


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