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May 22nd, 2017 – Ginger & Ginseng

Published on May 22, 2017 under Stones - Herbs - Oils

Ginger is a perennial herb with a very aromatic, knotty root stock. You have probably seen fresh ginger in the grocery store and marveled at its weird shape. Ginger is often used as an anti-nausea or upset stomach remedy. There are studies showing it may even be more effective than Dramamine in some cases. But that isn’t the only thing ginger is good for. Ginger root can help with aches and pains.
So, what’s the best way to use ginger?

For stomach aches, all natural ginger ale is the easiest way to ingest it. You can also get ginger pills.
For aches and pains, a hot ginger compress works best. There are many different formulations out there, and a quick bit of googling will let you choose the one that feels right for you.


Ginseng is best known for its anti-fatigue and energy giving properties. However, it isn’t a one shot deal. You must take it for a while in order to build the physical endurance it can help with. For the health conscious athlete, adding ginseng to their everyday regimens can be very useful. It has been thought that it helps restore chemicals triggered by the body’s stress response.
It is also known to help with stress in general, and if you are prone to stress a daily regimen of Siberian ginseng in between meals has been shown to help reduce (not cure) stress induced ailments or symptoms.


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