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June 5th 2017 – Magic Coin Better Business Spell/Financial Protection

Published on June 5, 2017 under Shamanic Writings

Many of my readers own their own businesses and as with all things, sometimes even a well-run business can need a boost. This is a very simple spell you can use to help nudge cash flow in a positive direction. If you keep a small lock box in your house for emergency use, you can also use this to help protect your personal financial resources.

Items Needed:
• 3 Chinese coins with holes
• Red String
• Red Silk Ribbon
• Yellow or Golden cloth
• Magnetic Sand
• Oil of Bergamot

1. String the three coins together. (you can also purchase them already linked)
2. Place the strung together coins on top of the yellow or golden cloth
3. Sprinkle the magnetic sand over the coins.
4. Anoint with essential oil of Bergamot.
5. Roll and fold the cloth toward you forming a packet.
6. Tie the packet securely with the red silk ribbon.
7. Place this packet inside or near your cash register for increased business and wealth.


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