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Full Moon for July 9, 2017

Published on July 8, 2017 under Shamanic Writings

For many American Indian tribes July’s Full Moon is commonly known as the Full Buck Moon because it’s the time of year the Buck Deer start to grow their new antlers. This month’s moon is also known as the Thunder Moon because of the large thunder head clouds that form on the American plains in this summer month.

With Pisces rising, the basic emotions are that of a gentle, sensitive person with a deep understanding of people. The emotional attitude is one of tolerance, acceptance, and being nonjudgmental. There will be an intense desire to avoid noisy and competitive atmospheres, wanting to leave any thought of conflict behind. Be careful, for a tendency to be unaggressive or unforceful as a person may hinder any steps at bettering yourself that you might be undertaking.

The noisy, competitive atmosphere we are often receding and withdrawing from may be overly aggressive over the next few weeks, thanks to our Moon being in Capricorn. We can be passive, wait, watch, observe, and feel our way around the chaos, and with the knowledge gained, we will be on better footing when all the excitement and chaos is over, putting us ahead of the pack.

Our desires for the deeply religious and our spiritual feeling about life will be running high. Not in the orthodox sense necessarily, but an intuitive sense of the immensity and underlying oneness of all life, which makes so many human aspirations and striving seem rather unimportant. Seek peaceful surroundings in order to flourish, and periods of quiet solitude will be essential for emotional balance and well-being.

With our Sun in Cancer, our powerful emotional attachments to the past, our family, our childhood, and those places we associate with safety and security and our beginnings will be front and center and may very well become the center of the conflict. Maintaining a connection with your roots and heritage and keeping family bonds strong will be very important and yet trying at times. Our sympathetic, nurturing, supportive, and very sensitive side will come forward as well, even when we least expect it and should help soothe the tensions among our closest allies. You may feel more concerned about people and their feelings than with power, achievement, or position in society. Make sure you stand your ground and don’t lose any boundaries you have set for yourself with others during this time.

With the Sun in Conjunction with Mars, this will allow us to be assertive, energetic, active, and courageous keeping us well protected through the turmoil that may present itself.

With the Sun in opposition to the Moon, there will be the feeling that you are at cross purposes with yourself and the universe as a whole. This energy will be everywhere, and taking a backseat, watching and protecting yourself, only asserting yourself for sake of preservation will be key. Your conscious intentions and desires will conflict with your subconscious emotional needs and drives.

With the Moon in Capricorn, everything will seem serious. Everything will be screaming for your attention, even though that is truly not the case. Be careful that like those born with a Moon in Capricorn, you don’t deny or ignore your own emotional needs by feeling others will not accept you for appearing weak. Embrace the fact that no one is self-sufficient all the time, and be gentler with your emotional needs and wants. Be careful about appearing rather hard-nosed and tough, with a businesslike attitude.

TAKE TIME TO RELAX, enjoy yourself, and play. This is the best medicine for getting through these next few weeks.


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