Shamanic Affirmations

Shamanic Affirmations for May 2015

Published on May 4, 2015 under Shamanic Affirmations
Deck: Earth Magic Cards Card 1: Lightning The stormy season is upon us down here in South Florida. With it comes the wonderful and awesomely terrifying power of lightning. Lightning is a very powerful tool in shamanic energies. It represents a massive discharge of ideal power emanating from the Universe to us. These energies are designed to recharge us, bringing us much needed fire and heat to move ourselves through the next while. At the same time, if we are not careful in how we channel this energy, not using ourselves correctly directing the energy where it should go, it can be destructive and turning our best intentions upside down. Learn to be the Universe’s lightning rod, and channel that wonderful powerful energy coming to you at the beginning of this month. You may find it useful in charting new courses and new paths. Card 2: Winter Solstice Reflection is the theme for the second part of the month. In Shamanism being reflective means you are turning one’s thoughts inward and examining your center core or being. This isn’t an easy task for most people to do. We find it hard to examine ourselves inwardly objectively. Mostly it is because we are our worst critic. Other times it is because we don’t necessarily like looking in the mirror. This time, your goal is to reconnect to your power totems and your spirit animals. As you work on this, you are to reimagine yourself reabsorbing their power throughout all of your being. I am talking about all 8 chakras (the 8th resides above your head and connects to the divine), your aura and your core. Card 3 Crystals As we move into the third part of the month, we are going to need to focus all of this new found energy…
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Shamanic Affirmations for April

Published on April 2, 2015 under Shamanic Affirmations
The slenderest knowledge that may be obtained of the highest things is more desirable than the most certain knowledge obtained of lesser things. - Thomas Aquinas ...with a thousand lights from a thousand souls we navigate our way through the darkness. Look up, and we mirror the stars... - Changeling We are the rainbow bridge between earth and sky. - Bruce   You can't change the wind; but you can shift your sails. - Kathleen Don't give up - surrender - Cosmic Tribe Tarot We watch the sun die, and the moon rises in its place. We watch the rain, and the rainbow rising. - Changeling Freedom dances over the threads that try to tie her down. Faith is humble like the one who walks a step behind - Bliss Under the skin of our lives; somewhere deep and early, forgotten, we all follow the same dreams. - Changeling That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion. - Barry Holstun Lopez One of the first symptoms of the loss of soul is the loss of the sense of beauty. - AE They wished to flower, and flowering is being beautiful: but we wish to ripen, and that means being dark and taking pains. -Rainer Maria Rilke
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