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Full Moon for July 19th, 2016

Published on July 20, 2016 under Shamanic Writings
Sorry for the delay, but I am late getting up my ideas about the full moon energy for the next 14 days. The moniker Full Buck Moon symbolizes the time of the year when male deer, known as bucks, start to grow their new antlers. While this nickname is most commonly used, it is only one of the many lunar names for this month's full moon. July's full moon has also been called the Full Thunder Moon and the Full Hay Moon, as July is considered to be the season with the most frequent thunderstorms and the time of year when farmers harvest, bale and stow hay for the upcoming winter. This moon is in Capricorn and opposing Cancer. You may often feel that you are at cross purposes with yourself; for your conscious intentions and desires will conflict with your subconscious emotional needs and drives. You will feel pulled in two different directions. You may have difficulty satisfying both your need to be an individual and your need for caring relationships and a sense of belonging. Be wary of sending out mixed messages or people may not know how to respond to you or understand what you really want, thus creating confusion or conflict in close relationships. Capricorn is an Earth sign, and generally is a grounded, dependable, and responsible energy. It is the sign of structure, goals, control, ambition, worldly success, and getting things done. It is also the sign of tradition and maturity. Serious and responsible, carry the world on your shoulders, is the pervasive attitude with this moon. Make sure you don’t deny or ignore your own emotional needs. You may find yourself especially uncomfortable with emotional dependency, and may find you are telling yourself and others (even children) not to be a "baby". You may…
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Published on June 19, 2016 under Shamanic Writings
For June 2016 the solstice and full Moon coincide—a rare event, indeed, that hasn’t happened in nearly 70 years. The month of June’s Full Moon’s name is the Full Strawberry Moon. June’s Full Strawberry Moon got its name because the Algonquin tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit. It was often known as the Full Rose Moon in Europe and the Honey Moon. I have one major phrase that can sum up this moon. EVERYTHING about it is geared towards those who work with healing arts, reading arts, or casting arts. Thankfully, the moon has Cancer rising, so this brings off a gentler softer energy with it. The energy will be a bit on the reserved side, but that is only as it approaches the Summer Solstice, which will shake things up a bit more. Those working with this moon will find that they may look for ways to strengthen their emotions and work towards that sense of belonging they may have been missing in their life. The call of your ancestors may be very strong as well. If you have close ties to the Gods and Goddesses of your ancestors, the call may be exponentially strong with this moon not only because of its alignment, but because it is the trumpet call for the solstice. This moon is about loyalties and also about honoring yourself and your beliefs. These may get stretched to the breaking point, but you must remain steadfast and hold true. If you have no honor within yourself, you cannot have honor outside of yourself. Try to avoid the “if it is good for me and mine, it is good. If it is not good for me and mine, it is no good” attitude; that is a negative approach to honoring yourself as…
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Full Moon Reading for April 22, 2016

Published on April 21, 2016 under Shamanic Writings
Full Pink Moon – This name came from the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring. Other names for this month’s celestial body include the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and among coastal tribes the Full Fish Moon, because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn. This moon is all about secrets, brooding silences, hiding your inner core from others. You will have an increasingly hard time trusting others. You will shy away from situations that will make you vulnerable or where you need to relinquish control. This is a moon of intense, passionate loves and hates, jealously loyal and protective friend - or a fearsome foe. You may find yourself holding on to past hurts, resentments, and guilt - and the need to keep such feelings to yourself. It is important for you to learn to forgive and let go, as well as to express your feelings openly and directly, rather than hiding or repressing them. You won’t feel content with superficial appearances and are always probing beneath the surface of things for hidden motives. You may experience a great deal of emotional depths from extreme highs to extreme lows. You will feed drawn to travel and seek out new experiences. You will crave the occult, the foreign, extreme adventures and extreme tastes. You will feel drawn to break free of the mundane. But these extreme swings and passionate energies are calmed by the fact that this moon has a Capricorn Rising! Schwehw! Capricorn, the cautious, prudent, and rather self-contained energy will allow you to approach all of this realistically and not be inclined to take foolish chances or get carried away. The rather worldly-wise energy will allow you to be more…
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The 20 Ways/Assumptions of the Magical World View – Law #9

Published on April 11, 2016 under Shamanic Writings
Law of Association If two things, (A) and (B), have something in common, that thing can be used to influence both. Also, (A) and (B) have a mutual influence on each other. The more they have in common, the more influence they exert upon one another. The Law of Association may be broken into two sub laws: • Law of Similarity The cause and the effect resemble (have resonance) with one another. A ritual to cause a rainstorm might involve dripping water onto the ground. A ritual to fly might involve wearing feathers and chirping like a bird, etc. This is "sympathetic magic." • Law of Contagion Things once in contact continue to interact after separation. Anything once in contact with a substance, person, or object may be used as a "witness" for that substance, person, or object. A good example would be the traditional use of hair or nail clippings attached to a voodoo doll. A witness could be thought of like a tuning crystal in a radio. In any case, power is contagious. (See VII. Law of Unity.) This is "homeopathic magic."
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Published on March 27, 2016 under Shamanic Writings
Now, Eostre is a goddess of spring, rebirth and fertility, and in some cases the dawn. Eostre is also another name for Ostara. Beliefs in both paganism and heathenism are and were very similar throughout Europe; we however use the Scandinavian names as they are the most preserved. This however does not necessarily mean that they are the only ones. Our holiday of Ostara has turned into Easter, through various ways and methods. Everything from the colored eggs to the giants rabbits. The rabbit is one of the symbols and favorite animals of Ostara/Eostre. Ostara, or the High Feast of Ostara, in the northern hemisphere, falls around March 20th. At this time, it is the Spring Equinox, signifying the ending of winter and the beginning of spring. Likewise, it is the beginning of a new cycle, one of growth, life, and rebirth. If winter signifies death, then spring signifies life. That is what Ostara represents at its core, the returning of life and light back to the world. It is a time of happiness, fertility, and new growth. Ostara is a time to honor Frigg, Freya, Frey, Ostara (Eostre), Nerthus, the vaettir and Jord. It is a time to honor the powers within the lands and fertility. This is a festival of renewal, rejoicing and fertility, although for most of the Northern People, the forces of winter are still at full sway. In ancient times, the gift of colored eggs to one's friends and loved ones was a way of wishing them well for the coming season; a magical ritual of prosperity and fecundity. The rabbit was the symbol of this festival as well because of its re-emergence during this season, and for its reproductive ability. Like most ancient heathen rituals, they are relegated into the world of children; held…
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Full Moon – Worm Moon

Published on March 23, 2016 under Shamanic Writings
Full Moon Reading for March 23, 2016 March’s Full Moon is traditionally called the Full Worm Moon by the Native Americans who used the Moons to track the seasons. At the time of this spring Moon, the ground begins to soften and earthworm casts reappear, inviting the return of robins. In some regions, this is also known as the Sap Moon, as it marks the time when maple sap begins to flow and the annual tapping of maple trees begins. The diplomatic Libra Full Moon on March 23, 2016, with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse does battle with the self-centered Aries Sun, confusing our choices. We want to give peace a chance, but tension permeates the atmosphere instead. Everything in the shadows wants to come out, and everything in the light wants to go hide. The competition and the conflict has the potential to build on the theme of growth with the Spring Equinox just a few days before. As usual expect this energy to be very strong at the start and slowly wane with the waning of the moon as we reach the new moon in 14 days. This Libra moon, brings desire for harmonious relationships and surroundings so strong that you may find yourself avoiding personal confrontations or any expression of intense, unpleasant emotions. Idealism takes hold and you may find yourself wanting to look at the world in pastel colors, and live in peace and harmony with others at all times. Inwardly you may feel torn with indecision and are much more prone to being at odds with yourself than others would ever guess from outward appearances. With the Aries sun however, things get a bit more complicated. It brings up the need to be direct, straightforward and assertive. You may feel the need to act rashly and…
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The 20 Ways/Assumptions of the Magical World View – Law #8

Published on March 21, 2016 under Shamanic Writings
Law of Reflection - The microcosm is the macrocosm. The part contains the whole. As above, so below. This is one of the most common and widely applicable axioms of magic, reputedly first written on the fabled "Emerald Tablet" of Hermes Trismegistus: “Truly, without lies, certainly, and most definitely, that which is Below is like that which is Above, and that which is Above is like that which is Below, for the accomplishment of the miracle of one thing. And just as all things have come from One, through the mediation of One, so all things have been derived from this one thing, by Analogy. Its Father is the Sun; its Mother is the Moon. The Wind has carried it in its belly. Its nourishment is the Earth. It is the Father of every completed thing in the whole world. Its strength is intact if turned towards the Earth. Separate the Earth from Fire, the Fine from the Gross, gently and very carefully.* Every speck contains the image (or pattern) of the entire universe in the same way that a fragment of laser holograph still contains the entire original image. Each person contains this cosmic image. When the inner image is tuned (brought into resonance) with the outer image, a change in one will be simultaneous with a change in the other. To perceive one is to perceive the other. This is the basis of mantic systems such as the I Ching or tarot cards. It is also one reason why you could say humanity is created in God's image. The universe is within us and without us.
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