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My Favorite Things of the Holidays

Published on December 24, 2015 under Asatru Topics
Yule Yule or Yuletide ("Yule time") is a pagan religious festival observed by the historical Germanic peoples, later being absorbed into and equated with the Christian festival of Christmas. Terms with an etymological equivalent to Yule are used in the Nordic countries for Christmas with its religious rites, but also for the holidays of this season. Yule is also used to a lesser extent in English-speaking countries to refer to Christmas. Customs such as the Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing, and others stem from Yule. Yule is the modern English representation of Old English words indicating the 12-day festival of "Yule" (later: "Christmastide”. The words are thought to be derived from German, Gothic, Old Norse or Norwegian words like Jol or Jul. The noun Yuletide is first attested from around 1475. The word is attested in an explicitly pre-Christian context primarily in Old Norse. Among many others the long-bearded god Odin bears the names jólfaðr (Old Norse 'Yule father') and jólnir (Old Norse 'the Yule one'). Yule begins on Mother Night, (about Dec. 20) the night before the shortest day and the longest night (winter solstices). We honor the beginning of the Sun's return and the breaking of Winter, (which is most noticeable in five days) and is celebrated over a twelve day period. It is a time of the year when our deceased Ancestors are closest to us. Yule is when Jólnir another name for Odinn leads the procession of the Wild Hunt through the sky's with sprits of humans, horses and dogs. This procession occurs during all twelve days of Yule. Twelfth Night (about Jan. 1) culminates the traditional twelve days of Yule. Our Ancestors at this time consecrated a boar to Frey, led it out so everyone present could lay their hand on the…
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Winter Solstice

Published on December 21, 2015 under General Topics
Winter solstice is an astronomical phenomenon marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the December solstice and in the Southern Hemisphere this is the June solstice. The December solstice happens at the same instant for all of us, everywhere on Earth. This year the solstice occurs on Tuesday December 22nd at 04:49 GMT. While it more often than not falls on December 21st, the exact time of the solstice varies each year. In the Northern hemisphere the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, because it is tilted away from the sun, and receives the least amount of sunlight on that day. However, the earliest sunset does not occur on the solstice, because of the slight discrepancy between 'solar time' and the clocks we use. The shortest day of the year often falls on December 21st, but the modern calendar of 365 days a year - with an extra day every four years - does not correspond exactly to the solar year of 365.2422 days. The solstice can happen on December 20, 21, 22 or 23, though December 20 or 23 solstices are rare. The last December 23 solstice was in 1903 and will not happen again until 2303. For those of us here in America, and on the east coast, this means that the Winter Solstice will occur tonight around 11:49 PM. So what energy can we expect from this Solstice? This energy will be modest, unobtrusive, rather quiet or shy, supporting energy, with nothing over the top or gregarious in nature. But it is far from unassuming. Deep in its underbelly there will be this push for perfection and self-criticism. Hesitation on taking big leaps may be in the forefront. Everything is going to be about…
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Shamanic Energies for October 2015

Published on November 1, 2015 under Shamanic Writings
Deck: Messenger Oracle Card 1: Make the Sacrifice The first quarter of our month is going to be about sacrificing all that no longer serves us into the last vestiges of the Samhain bonfire. Sometimes letting go of what no longer serves us means that we have to let go a part of ourselves as well. This is on an energetic level. We have to release that part which is energetically tied to what we need to let go of. It isn’t that we are losing or sacrificing that part of us, for it to be gone forever. We are sacrificing the connection knowing that it is done and no longer feeds us in a positive manner. It may mean fighting against ourselves and what we may perceive as being right or correct in order to break free of the last bonds and chains of negativity. Closely examine all that you want to sacrifice to the old year and see if there is old ties and energy that just needs to go along with it. Sage for cleansing you and your house will help in this effort. Card 2: Surrender to the Flow The second quarter of our month is all about learning to go with the flow. Don’t worry about tomorrow for a little while. Just take each day as it presents itself. Let go of your mind and don’t schedule every single minute of every day. (This one is especially hard for me.) Let your soul, mind, body and spirit just be free to be. It sounds simplistic, but it is actually very hard to do. Free your mind of all the “need to”, “must do”, and “have to” and only focus on the things that are essential to pay the bills or feed yourself. Of course, honor…
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Our Full Moon – October 27, 2015 – 08:05 am (EDT)

Published on October 26, 2015 under Shamanic Writings
The overall energy behind the moon is one of quiet, deep, emotionally complex and intensely private energy. This is not the moon of showmanship. High sensitivity but aimed inward. Cautious instinct will also be very prevalent. With Venus in conjunction with Jupiter during the full moon, creativity and friendliness will be accentuated. Our romantic types may be feeling even more open and romantic with their loved ones. Our artistic people are going to get a great boost and positive vibes and attitudes will become more prevalent. Peoples taste in music will shift from the light fandango to the deep soulful tunes that reach to profound areas of our minds. Those who are sensitive to emotions (empaths) the other side (intuitives and psychics) are going to be even more so until the moon goes completely new. For my abstract thinkers out there, you are going to have a heyday of activity and if you think your brains run on overtime now? Get ready for one hell of a ride. Avoid getting lost in your need to do something right here and right now. Take your time and breathe. Everyone will need to focus on clear communication and resist power struggles. Don’t engage those who seem to want to rob you of your own kingdom. Also avoid obsessing over any one thing until the moon goes new. You can easily get lost in the cycle of “got to do it, got to get it done, got to, got to” and those who are around you will have a tendency become frustrated with the hyper-focus. For those who like to look inward, the need for deep emotional involvement with yourself may be overwhelming. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked in too deep. Many people will find that their conscious intentions and desires will…
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Super Blood Moon Eclipse on September 27th – 28th

Published on September 25, 2015 under Shamanic Writings
On the 28th we not only do we have a Harvest Moon, Super Moon and a Blood Moon but also an Eclipse that is part of a series of four that began back in 2014. Harvest Moon: the full moon that is closest to the Autumnal equinox and is usually a powerful time of change and new beginnings. Super Moon: when the moon is closer the earth due to its rotation and orbit. This is usually a time where the energetic effects of the moon and emotions run high and are felt stronger. Blood Moon: when the earth casts a shadow on the moon causing the suns light to hit the moon and make it appear red. This is the final of the 4 Eclipses and will fall in Aries on September 27-28, 2015. You have probably been experiencing strong energetic shifts over the last several months. Much of that is leading up to this night. This energy and this moon are designed to open a new doorway that will usher in new energy, new purpose, higher consciousness and more enlightenment; the evolution of man to a higher vibrational plane. If you are intuitive, a reader or highly sensitive, grounding and centering will be key and you will find your abilities growing even stronger. Shed the outdated parts of your ego; release the old junk in order to allow this shift to take place fully. You want to ride this energy wave, surf the universal tsunami and take advantage of this opportunity. You will find that being proactive in accepting this energy will not only benefit you, but your personal growth in the spirit world and in metaphysics has the potential to be exponential. Everything about this event is about shifting. Shifting your thinking, your way of being, your behavior,…
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Add a Touch of Shamanic Reiki to Your Healing Session Today

Published on September 18, 2015 under Shamanic Writings
Shamanic Reiki is Reiki with a deep connection to nature, the elements, and spirit. Using a multitude of Shamanic practices; the healer can access not only their but your helping spirits who answer questions to provide insight into spiritual problems. By dropping into a meditative state, often using tried and true shamanic methods, the Shaman/Shamanic Practitioner can call upon and visit with varying spirit guides, ancestors or power animals in order to access given information. Since Reiki is based on universal energy and all entities whether your power animals or ancestors are part of the larger collective it makes logical sense for any Shaman to adapt Reiki into their healing arts. The use of this practice in combination with the traditional shamanic practices allows an enhanced ability to strengthen their healing. This practice also is well used within the soul retrieval processes. Standard use of drum or chanting assisted trance should be tuned towards earth related frequencies. Standard meditation practices are not enough in the fact that they are only trying to tune into one chakra (mostly the third eye) which has its own vibratory alignment. Most of the healing Shamans/Shamanic Practitioners use is heavily earth energy based, which means they would resonate primarily with the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. Each level has its own energy. Therefore these are going to be the main focal points for incorporating energy into the practice. This does not mean however that the throat, third eye and crown chakra are removed from the process. They are added in as the energy with the other four chakras is aligned. Shamans understand along with the well versed Reiki practitioner that without a good grounding source, the upper chakras can cause a series of issues. Over focus on tuning the third eye and crown…
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Full Moon for August 29th, 2015

Published on August 28, 2015 under Shamanic Writings
In North America, we often call the August full moon the Sturgeon Moon, Corn Moon or Grain Moon. On August 29, 2015 – if you’re in this hemisphere, it’s a super Sturgeon Moon you’ll see. This Full Moon is an artist’s dream, where one can catch the muses and write inspiring music, art and poetry. Here one can absorb, blend into the landscape and be receptive to the flow of inspiration from the collective. This Full Moon makes us great empaths but the influx of excessive emotions brought to exponential levels from all the retrograde planets can take us by surprise and eat our energy resources quickly. Fluid energies will be connecting us to unseen worlds. This spiritual energy will bid us to connect to the deepest part of our soul. Our eyes will pick up on the true transparent nature of the world around us, and we will feel the urge to go beneath. By allowing yourself to open wide energetically, you will be amazed at what you can hear, see, and feel. As with all full moons, awareness of our hidden self will be brought to the forefront. Beware; those face to face encounters with our shadow side will be even stronger and more vivid via Pluto in retrograde. Our doors of perception will be ripped off the hinges, and the influx of spiritual energies and more can overwhelm you. Preparation is key! Be active in your engagement with these energies and ride the waves so they don’t turn into unnecessary tsunamis of change. Preparing yourself will allow your ego’s flexibility to be accessed and create pathways of openness to subtle realms and bring a sense of hyper-awareness. Uranus’ retrograde pushy energy is going to throw all these energies into a Universal blender of sorts. This means be…
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Let’s Talk About the Heavens!

Published on July 27, 2015 under Shamanic Writings
For those who are aware and for those who are not, we have 5 planets currently in retrograde AND a blue moon arriving on Friday morning. This brings some interesting energy. I want to highlight just a few of the things you might be experiencing with each of these. Neptune in Retrograde: Until November 18th, 2015 The transiting retrograde causes sensitivity and receptivity to be much more acute. This allows us to see far more than is possible when Neptune is direct. This may be the result of augmented intuitive or inner vision giving us a different perspective. Our feelings become more astute recognizing the illusive. It is easier to ascertain information about issues that have eluded us. You should address these issues and begin working on them or you may be plagued by feelings of disillusion and vague dissatisfaction until you have taken corrective measures. Make sure you focus on your inner voice but be careful of psychic overload especially for those who are very sensitive. Pluto In Retrograde: Until September 24th, 2015 Pluto brings us face to face with our shadow self. We often consider the shadow self the “dark side”. It’s our negative emotions and desires that we oppress, often don’t even like to admit to, and deal with those parts of ourselves that we do not like. When Pluto goes retrograde, it’s a good time to take on any endeavors seeking regeneration. This is an excellent time to work on personal transformation though the process will be less than pleasant. Prepare yourself for the struggles against your darker self and base emotions. This may include hidden motives, hunger for power, or desires for revenge. Don’t just follow blindly, assess, reassess, and assess again until you know what will serve you and release those things that will…
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History of Halloween

Published on November 10, 2014 under Shamanic Writings
Straddling the line between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints and martyrs; the holiday, All Saints’ Day, incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows’ Eve and later Halloween. Halloween or Hallowe'en (/ˌhæləˈwiːn, -oʊˈiːn, ˌhɑːl-/; a contraction of "All Hallows' Evening"), also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saints' Eve, is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day. It initiates the triduum of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers. Within Allhallowtide, the traditional focus of All Hallows' Eve revolves around the theme of using "humor and ridicule to confront the power of death." According to many scholars, All Hallows' Eve is a Christianized feast initially influenced by Celtic harvest festivals, with possible pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic Samhain. Other scholars maintain that it originated independently of Samhain and has solely Christian roots. Some folklorists have detected its origins in the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or in the festival of the dead called Parentalia, it is more typically linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain", which comes from the Old Irish for "summer's end". Samhain (pronounced sah-win or sow-in) was the first and most important of the four quarter days in the medieval Gaelic calendar and was celebrated in Ireland,…
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