I am available for teaching classes to groups of people. Due to scheduling classes are not available in one on one sessions at this time. Below is a small sample of classes that I am available for teaching.

Vision Analysis

This class will put you on the basic path of learning how to do your own vision interpretations visions objectively. You won’t become an expert but can start learning to process and understand your visions on a basic level. We will talk about imagery and how the meaning can differ from person to person. We will show you how to determine the key elements of your visions. We will also show you how to pick apart the emotions that are stirred within and how they can affect the meaning of what a vision means to you.

Working with your Deity


Many people have a particular God/Goddess/Angel/Guide that they have a kinship too. Many people express frustration at learning to hear and understand them. How to read and receive messages, how to be in control of the relationship and tools to help master their connection for the overall benefit of everyone. This class will help you understand the difference between following a Deity, being an active servant of a Deity and having a Shamanic/Priest/Priestess relationship with your Deity.

Finding your God/Goddess Within You


A Shaman/Gythia/Priest/Priestess cannot fill you with spirituality. The only thing we/they can do is show you the menu. However, each one has learned tools and techniques that allow them to grow closer to the “god like” energy within themselves. In this class we will share with you techniques that can help you emulate this energy in your everyday life.

How to deal with Negativity and Negative People

Are you tired of feeling like you have your energy or spirit sucked out of you by some people? Do you have an unending sense of dread that overwhelms you when you know you’ll be around a certain person? Do you want to learn how to recognize these types of people ahead of time and effective ways to deal with them? You don’t have to be a priest/priestess or shaman in order to learn how to negate the effect of negative people in your world. In this class we will show you some tried and true tricks to minimize or remove their influence from your life. Sometimes they are a boss or coworker that you can’t actively remove but there are things you can do to minimize the impact they have on you, your energy or your space.

The Art of Chanting

You do not have to be an operatically trained singer to benefit from the art of chanting. Learn and understand its purpose and its uses. Learn a few easy phrases to be chanted to help you ground, center, focus, elevate, heighten, enlighten and clear your mind, body and soul. Learn what happens when groups of people chant together and feel the energy shifts that occur.

Finding Your Power Animals

Many people find comfort in connecting with the animal sides of their personality. Animals are revered as sources of wisdom, energy, skills and power throughout the globe. This session will include a series of drumming, chanting and meditative sessions in an effort to help you connect and identify with your power animals. Power animals can also change over time as we learn the lessons they brought us and we evolve.