Gythia/Priestess Services

Gythia/Priestess Laura A. Thornton

Laura is a Gythia and she defines it as a woman who dedicates herself to the pursuit of the sacred mysteries, truth, and wisdom in its many facets especially within the faith of Asatru. It is a woman who thrives and owns her femininity and is empowered by the Sacred Divine. A Gythia  is a member of the Gothar and is a healer, a seeker, a mystic, an artist, a crafter, a dancer, a lover, a warrior, a mother, a wise one in the service of her family and community. She aspires to be a beacon of light to those who are on their spiritual journey. Her goal is to facilitate your own spiritual growth and transformation. Her desire is to empower you so that the evolution of human consciousness and the human soul is manifested.

She believes in the path of direct revelation because it empowers the individual to rediscover their true authentic self. Shamanic practices enable you to find the answers and healing you have been searching for during your life’s journey so you can live a full, happy, balanced life.

You do not have to be a follower of Asatru in order to benefit from Laura’s services. Below are options for anyone seeking her knowledge or skills.

Spiritual Counseling

Feeling stuck and unhappy with the life you are leading? You keep dreaming about the life that you really want to have and don’t know how to make it a reality? Not sure about your next step? Working with spirit and your higher-self will assist you in figuring out what beliefs, thought patterns and relationships no longer serve your highest good. I can provide insight and teach you simple techniques to can help you cope and overcome life’s difficult situations as well as help you achieve your new goals and support your new life’s direction. I will learn how you can live your life to the fullest and empower yourself to take back control of your life. Life is too short and we only have now. Living the present to its full potential will help you create the future you want.

Home/Business/Land Cleansing

What is it a home cleansing?

A home cleansing is a ritual performed to cleanse the negative energies or unwanted spirits from the home, business or land. Many different clearing methods are employed to achieve this goal.

Why should I cleanse my home?

A home should be cleansed to make way for positive energies to come and fill your home. This will create a wonderful home environment that promotes emotional health, healing and peace.

You should cleanse your home as the seasons change or when there has been any serious emotional turmoil or serious illness that is affecting the family members within the home. Another occasion in which you should cleanse the home is when you are either moving in or out of a dwelling.

Home/Business/Land Blessing

Many different cultures and religions have simple rituals in which the property is blessed to bring in the positive energies like, love, prosperity, peace and protection. A home blessing ritual consists of a prayer and energetic work done to imbue the property with positive energies. I can also set up a crystal grid in your home to bring in the energies that you desire and need.

Why should I do a home/business/land blessing?

It is important to have positive outlooks in life and it is healthier for every household member to be in a positive loving environment. You bring food to feed the body this is a way to feed the soul.

When should I do a home/business/land blessing?

You should do a home blessing when you are moving into a new home and when you are leaving a home. You should also do a home blessing when you have done renovations and/or additions to your home.

Cord Cutting

What is a cord cutting ritual?

It is a ritual in which we sever the emotional, mental and energetic ties that we may have with things that no longer serve us. It is an excellent tool to help us in the moving on process from bad relationships and unhealthy thought patterns. It also allows us to shed all negative energies that we might have collected throughout our everyday lives.

Why should I have a cord cutting ceremony?

It helps to bring closure; it also allows you to feel free physically, emotionally and mentally from all that brings you down in this world. It is a great way to purge all that no longer serves us that still are energetically attached to us. The effects of cord cutting can be felt emotional, mental and physically. When we shed what no longer serve us we can have a healthier and happier life.

When I should do a cord cutting ceremony?

It is always wise to do this as the seasons change or when a new year is a foot. A great time to do cord cutting ceremonies are when we are about to embark in new endeavors as to clean our energetic slate so that you make way to receive all that is in our best interest. A good time to have one done is when bad relationships have come to an end and the residual negative energies need to be purged.

Child Blessing Ceremony

What is a child blessing?

A child blessing is a ceremony in which we welcome and bless the new child in to this world and the family (in case of adoptions.)

Why should you have a child blessing ?

It is a way to make a special occasion memorable for family and friends. In this way they can come together and celebrate the new addition.

When should you have a child blessing?

You should have a Child Blessing Ceremony when the family is welcoming a new member to the family.

Coming of Age Ceremony

What is a coming of age ceremony?

It is a ceremony held once a female or male child becomes a young man or woman. For a girl it maybe when her moons start and it is a time for the important women in her life to come together and celebrate such a momentous occasion, so that she may partake in their wisdom.

For a young man it might be when he reaches a certain age or is able to perform a specific task like hunting. In this case the wise men and woman in the family come together in celebration and share with him their wisdom and teachings about his place and role in this world

Why and when should you do a coming of age ceremony?

It is the perfect time to take the opportunity to show this new young adult how important this new stage of their life is. They are able to identify which are the wise ones in their lives who they can count on during the time of need and seek their support during as they mature.

It is best to do it once the young girl gets her moon for the first time or once she has reach and age (~13) that the parent deemed worthy of this ceremony. For a boy it can be when he reaches the age of 13 or when he is able to hunt.

Handfasting Ceremony

What is a handfasting ceremony?

It is a ceremony in which two people exchange vows with one another. It can be of an official nature (a legal marriage) or of a spiritual nature (not a legal marriage, just a partnership). It is an alternative to a traditional wedding ceremony or the justice of the peace.

Why choose a handfasting ceremony?

It is a nice way to show your commitment and love to your partner.

When to do a handfasting ceremony?

When you want to share with your family and friends the commitment you have made to each other of loving, cherishing and devoting yourselves to each other.


I am able to legally marry anyone within the state of Florida as allowable by law. Your wedding may be designed as you choose. I will even marry same sex couples. 


Last Rites

What is the last rites?

It is a ritual that was known in the past as the anointing of the sick. It was done to people who are very ill, about to undergo a serious operation or they are dying. The person in anointed with special oil (in this case a blend of essential oils prepared exclusively for this purpose). A prayer is done and a blessing is given. The purpose is to speed up the recovery process or to prepare the soul so it journeys well into the afterlife.

Why should you have last rites performed?

You are bringing into a sad situation forces that are greater than us to aid in the healing or crossing over process. Everyone can use a friendly hand when is needed the most.

When should you have last rites performed?

When a loved is going through a very serious illness, a serious surgery or they are getting ready to transition in to the spirit world. 

Memorial/Celebration of Life

What is a memorial/celebration of life?

It is a ceremony in which you honor the memory of a loved one. So be it a father, mother, brother, sister or an unborn child. A memorial can also be performed for a pet which we have loved so much.

Why should I have a memorial/celebrations of life?

It is important to express and honor those who we have loved so much during their time here on Earth. It helps us to start the healing process from having their loss.

When should i have a memorial/celebration of life? 

You can have a memorial ritual when a loved one passes or during their anniversary of their passing as an act of remembrance.