Shamanic Intuitive Sessions


For as long as humanity has been aware of our linear perception of time, people have wanted to know what tomorrow holds. Since the spirits live in a timeless dimension, they are considered to have larger, longer, wider perspectives regarding the trajectories of the universe than we people can possibly have. Hence for millennia we have consulted them in one way or another, in our attempts to answer questions about the future. The very word “divination”, which means “the act of foretelling” reflects the fact that from ancient times prophecy has been considered to be generated by divinities or spirits. As a shaman doing shamanic divination we go into the non-ordinary world to seek the answer to your question.

Divination Services are provided using different methods. The method used is chosen on a case by case basis or by direct request. Divination is useful to gain insight into a situation or a current event that you are dealing with. Spirit may choose to provide a message that will help you heal or direct you to a better path. At times divination may also provide a window in to a possible future. The different forms of divination used in my practice are:

Tarot and Oracle Cards – This divination system uses cards to provide a message directed by spirit and it is the most commonly known and used.

Shamanic Divination This is a method by which I go into the non-ordinary world in order to gain insight on the specific question being asked.

Rock/Item Divination – Is the utilization a rock brought by you or provided to gain insight on the question. This method is very personal as it involves the querent (you) in the process of receiving the message.

* I can also do a form of divination for couples. 

8822becb6b33acde95ffee8a6410a5d3Shamanic Intuitive Sessions

Shamanic Intuitive Sessions are designed to give you a snapshot of the energies and spiritual influences in your life at the present moment. They are not used to tell the future. A session is good for no more than 3 months at a time. This is because as we move forward with the information we receive, we chose to make different decisions which changes the outcome in the future. These sessions may or may not use Tarot, Oracle Cards, or Pendulums. The sessions may seem more like a conversation than your standard intuitive session. I may also draw charts or symbols in order to portray important ideas and key elements.

I gain my knowledge by entering into the spiritual world or dimension through a multitude of ways. I may have day dreams or visions that convey certain messages. I have acquired many spirit guides and deities, whom guide and direct me while conversing with the spirit world. These spirit guides are always present within and around me, but others only encounter them very rarely. I am communicating with the spirits on behalf of you. As a shaman I am the intermediary or messenger between the human world and the spirit worlds. I cannot make the spirits speak or force them to communicate to you. This is often a large misunderstanding from those seeking comfort and solace from those who have already crossed over the veil.

A session with me will not be like your standard tarot or angel reading. It can be profound and soul rattling. To often those who seek a session with me come in with a perceived notion that what they want to hear about is what the spirits are willing to speak about. Rarely is that the case. A session with me is not for the faint of heart. I will rock your world upside down if you are not prepared to hear what will truly heal your spirit.

* Intuitive sessions are available for couples. 

12742723_990643937668900_2126093189490691875_nSpiritual Counseling

Feeling stuck and unhappy with the life you are leading? You keep dreaming about the life that you really want to have and don’t know how to make it a reality? Not sure about your next step? Working with spirit and your higher-self will assist you in figuring out what beliefs, thought patterns and relationships no longer serve your highest good. I can provide insight and teach you simple techniques to can help you cope and overcome life’s difficult situations as well as help you achieve your new goals and support your new life’s direction. I will learn how you can live your life to the fullest and empower yourself to take back control of your life. Life is too short and we only have now. Living the present to its full potential will help you create the future you want.

* Spiritual counseling is available for couples. 

*Disclaimer: Clients retain the right to use intuitive or medium based guidance according to their own free will and discernment. Final decisions and actions are the sole responsibility of the client. By purchasing a reading, you understand that intuitive or medium based guidance is not for diagnosing health issues, such as illness or pregnancy. I do not predict or guarantee the future. The guidance I provide does not constitute and is not a substitute for legal, financial, or professional advice. I cannot guarantee any outcomes of my intuitive guidance.