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One Card Draw for the week of June 20th, 2016

Published on June 20, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Messenger Oracle Card: #7 – Do Not Fear the Unknown What a marvelous card for this week. By fearing the unknown or that which you cannot see clearly, you stunt your own personal growth, especially if you let that fear keep you from exploring the greater wonders out there. If you never set foot outside of your small circle or slice of the world, you are confining yourself to a singular energy, a singular set of rules and a singular viewpoint. That is how hatred, bigotry, and zealousness is born. Those who are willing to step outside their personal sphere and open the doors to other realms are not confined to the demagoguery that causes us to recoil from things that are meant to help us grow and expand. To quote a favorite movie, “Fear is a mind killer.” Be bold. Be brave. Be daring. Key Phrase for the week: This week I will not fear the unknown and step outside my boundaries.
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One Card Draw for the week of June 13th, 2016

Published on June 13, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Messenger Oracle Card: #45 - Time to Ground   “Ground and center; we begin - Feel the shape inside your skin - Feel the earth and feel the air - Ground and center; "how" and "where." (Lyrics: M. Lackey; Music: K. Klover) One of my favorite folk-like songs does an excellent job at explaining the reasons necessary to learn how to ground and center properly. There are those who are born with the natural ability to ground and center to a point, and because they never have to think about it, or make a conscious effort, their natural ability fails from time to time. When it comes time to purposely ground and center, they can have an equally hard time as the novice who wasn’t born with a natural ability. Most earth signs are born with an innate ability to ground excess energy from all realms. Other signs must focus and learn how to grow those roots. Over the next few days, there will be an abundance of excess energy being released from varying sources. Some of this will be from individual people, some the Earth herself, and some from the Universal Masters. If you know how to ground and center on the fly, you can coast through the overload pretty easily. Those who don’t have the ability to do so, or struggle with the process will need to set aside time each night to focus on doing so. This huge energy release is about trying to release pressure on an overloaded system. If you are a particularly industrious type, you can harness some of the energy to get some work done in varying realms. Just be careful. Key Phrase for the week: I will practice my grounding and centering and ride the waves of energy this week.
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One Card Draw for the week of June 6th, 2016

Published on June 6, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Messenger Oracle Card: #14 Have Courage Having courage isn’t simply about being brave when faced with unmitigated danger or tragedy. Having courage to simply live your life as you choose can be equally as daunting. For some people, moving through the day to day is easy and takes little courage or effort. For some, they face fears that no one else can see. As light beings of the Universe, it is up to us to have the courage to be those beacons of light that so many others would extinguish in the name of whatever prejudice, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, or anger that they carry wherever they go. You are to have the courage to maintain your flame against those who would rather toss the world into darkness. The light that emanates from your soul may be the only light visible to someone else and is a marker of safe harbor. Be the lighthouse beacon. Key Phrase for the week: I will have the courage to be the beacon of light in the darkness of the world.
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One Card Draw for the week of May 30th, 2016

Published on May 30, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Messenger Oracle Card: 49 We Are All Connected Whether or not you like the idea, you are interconnected to every single living thing on the planet, including people you would rather not be associated with. You are connected on three levels. The first is your physical or temporal self. This is a physical energy that connects us to the universe and nature. The second is your earthly spirit/soul. This is the part of you that you seek to enlighten constantly and bonds to other people on a ‘soul’ level, and these can be more intense. The third connection is that with our higher self, the one that exists out in the universe. You can also form connections with others on this level, but this is higher plane energy. This is not worldly in any way. It has its own memories and energy and often is what forms our learning lessons. All three parts form the foundations which colors how we see the world and the Universe. You must strive to find a harmony and balance of acceptance and change with all things through all three connections. This inter-connectivity will run very strong this week. You will feel other people’s emotions and energy at a higher magnitude. Those already sensitive to these energetic waves will find themselves seeking more alone time in order to recharge batteries and rid themselves of excess energy. As long as you focus on addressing conflicts and disruptions through a positive light, or focus on making positive changes and being receptive to the lessons, this week will run more smoothly. If you look at this as a challenge to better yourself on all three levels, the potential for extreme growth is there. Once this week passes however, it is not ok to forget the interconnections with…
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One Card Draw for the week of May 23rd, 2016

Published on May 23, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: The Magician This is an excellent week to start those spiritual or enlightenment based projects you keep putting off. The Universe is sending out waves of energy to help propel all of us forward on our personal paths. Like the Magician, your goal is to take that energy and be both constructive and imaginative. You have all the tools necessary to create something magnificent. The potential is exponential. The opportunities are limitless and boundless. The only thing holding you back is you. If you could make a lightyear’s leap forward in enlightenment, where would you jump? Would it be forward on your current path? Or, would you try something new and grand in a direction you never dared travel before? Diplomacy will come into play as you move ahead of many of those around you. They may feel discouraged, left out, or even jealous. Encourage them to take the leap themselves. Be constructive and not destructive when interacting with others during this week. You are a lightship ready for launch. Key Phrase for the week: I will remember that I am a limitless, potential filled, enlightened, magician.
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One Card Draw for the week of May 16th, 2016

Published on May 16, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: Knight of Chalices This may be a great week to walk around with or carry a journal, notebook, or anything to take notes with. This will be a week in which the Universe is going to start one of its famous information downloads to everyone. As usual, much of the information will not be for immediate use, but to be tucked away in your memory banks for later retrieval. For those with the gift of reading or seeing the other world, expect and overabundance of activity. Grounding and shielding will be very much needed to keep information overload from occurring. Many of the messages will come in forms of encouragement not just from the Universe, but from those around you. They may even come from some of the most surprising places; including where you would least expect it. Try to also be that voice of encouragement for others; you never know just how much it may mean to them. Lastly, if someone extends you an invitation to do something out of the ordinary but looks promising and fun; try your best to accept the offer. Life doesn’t always allow us to afford every opportunity, but I would hate for you to miss out on a grand time when it may be the boost you need. Key Phrase for the week: I will open to the messages from the Universe and others.
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One Card Draw for the week of May 9th, 2016

Published on May 9, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles If you have been needed help with monumental tasks this week, help just may be on the way. Our knight here isn’t just any knight; he is the doer of deeds, a useful person so to speak. Now the help you might receive from individuals may fit into your immediate scheme of things, but it will be what you need help with the most, even if you don’t realize it. Sometimes we think it’s the large tasks that we need extra resources for, when it’s all the little things that end up bogging us down. Let the helpers do their job so you can do yours. Aside from all the helpers out there, people will seem a bit less dreary and more cheery as a wave of friendship and positive energy starts to appear this week. Make sure you are reflecting that energy back out into your world to keep it spreading. We can all use a bit more cheer and kindness, so pass it on! Key Phrase for the week: This week I will let the helpers do their job and spread cheer where I can.
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One Card Draw for the week of May 2nd, 2016

Published on May 2, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: Queen of Wands The Queen of Wands is the dominant feminine energy of the element of Fire. She is not afraid to demonstrate her power to others nor does she shy away from a challenge. She represents the face each one of us places forward into the world. Extroverts do this every minute of each day. Our introverts do this only when they absolutely must. She is the fire in your belly. She is the burning flame that ignites your passion and helps you gather resources and strength from your surroundings. Those who are famous and out front all of the time pull upon this fire constantly. Fame however can be defined in many different ways. It isn’t always about the movie stars or rock lords. Fame can be both big and small. The task for you, my dear readers, is to find out where your fame, regardless of its magnanimity, intertwines with the fantastic plans that the Universe has for you. You have all the Universe’s resources at your hand. Like our queen of fire, use them to bolster your kingdom and reignite your belly fire. Do not be surprised if during this process you have some otherworldly visitors stopping by to take a look. Your light shines beyond the biosphere of earth. They may just have a message or two for you. Blaze on! Key Phrase for the week: I will reignite the fire in my belly that fuels my passion for life.
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One Card Draw for the week of April 25th, 2016

Published on April 25, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: The Fool It is very obvious that the crazy energy of the full moon is carrying over into this week. So this is a week of cautious progress. Even with all the crazy energy floating out and about in the universe, you can still make progress forward; it just becomes a little more complicated and difficult. Don’t expect anyone to act normally this week. Many people do not adjust well to adversarial energies. If you can, take a mini road trip to go sightseeing or get away from your regular crowd, it will help relieve some of the bizarre energy that you might find attaching itself to you. People’s quirky behavior may be more pronounced this week. If you have a friend who is flamboyant, they will seem to be over the top. Don’t worry; this energy will start to fade by the weekend. Key Phrase for the week: I will pause and reflect before acting out on my thoughts.
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One Card Draw for the week of April 18th, 2016

Published on April 18, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: 3 of Chalices We have grown so accustomed to reaching only for that big prize at the end of a long struggle that we forget to acknowledge the milestones in between. Do you know what happens when you only focus on the final goal that may take years to reach? You arrive at your destination exhausted from the journey and end up with such an overpowering sense of relief that you can’t ENJOY the accomplishment. Each journey, even the little ones have small milestones that need to be acknowledged and celebrated. If all you do is reward yourself with a favorite meal out somewhere or doing something you love, you still need to do it. We get so wrapped up in the race to the end we forget that each lap completed is a victory unto itself. Your goal is to take a look at all the small milestones you have reached in the past two weeks and acknowledge them wholeheartedly. By doing so, you will give yourself relief from unneeded stress and worry and allow yourself to recharge. Key Phrase for the week: I will take the time to celebrate the small victories as well as the big.
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