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One Card Draw for the week of April 11th, 2016

Published on April 11, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: 2 of Pentacles Be prepared for incoming messages from the regular world and the Universal pipeline. This week is all about communication and being able to be open to receive the messages that you are being given through all venues. If you have a strong intuitive side you may find yourself hearing and feeling more than usual. Make the commitment to focus on the overall message and less on the words being spoken. Focus on the energy and the intent behind the news and see past the veil of literal translation. If you find yourself in heated debates or intense discussions pay close attention the body language of your adversary. Clues to the truth are both hidden and in plain sight if you know where to look. Key Phrase for the week: I will look for the deeper meaning of the messages being given to me.
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One Card Draw for the week of March 28th, 2016

Published on March 28, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: 8 of Pentacles What would you consider as your best skill? How able are you at performing it? What about your skills where it comes to your spiritual practice? What do you practice? How often? Why? The Universe is calling up its ranks this week to draw on the collective spiritual power within all of Midgard, Planet Earth, and the Human Realm. It is the season of growth and that includes spiritual growth. We as a collective have the ability to band together in formalized and not so formalized rituals; in groups or as solitaries. It does not matter where you are or what you practice as long as you focus on the universal good of all mankind this week, and if you watch the news, mankind sorely needs it. This practice of working towards the greater good gives you the opportunity to hone in your skills and increase your personal ability. Your return is basically kudos on a cosmic level. Extra karma points if you will. The biggest return is that you are actually practicing your craft. How many of you only remember when you need something for yourself? How proficient are you at achieving your goal? The more you practice, the greater your skill and the greater your ability to achieve the outcome your desire. Now, get out your tools, set your sights on this larger target and get to practicing; whatever that looks like. Key Phrase for the week: I am part of the Universal ranks of spiritual practice and this week I will use my gifts for the greater good.
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One Card Draw for the week of March 21st, 2016

Published on March 21, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: 4 of Pentacles We have entered the spring season and with it, a time for growth. Growth gives us the opportunities to secure a better future for ourselves, but with it comes a few rules. The biggest rule is setting boundaries not only for yourself, but for the people you interact with. It may seem that drawing lines in the sand or putting up barriers wouldn’t allow you much room for growth, but you need to keep other people out of your energy and from taking your resources. If two trees grow very closely together, very often one takes the majority of sunlight and nutrients and stunts the growth of the other. The other tree in order to have ample light and nutrients finds itself bending, stretching, and contorting itself in order to grow. When you set clear boundaries, you give yourself room in which to stretch out, reach away from one singular path and have all the resources you need without taking away from someone else, and without having to struggle to keep what is yours. You can always take down the barriers later. You could even call it prudent planning. You stand to inherit wonderful gifts from the Universe every time you allow yourself to grown unhindered. Key Phrase for the week: I will set positive boundaries to allow myself to grow to my fullest potential.
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One Card Draw for the week of March 14th, 2016

Published on March 14, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: 5 of Wands A friend on Facebook posted a picture of a bumper sticker that said, “Oh No! Not Another Learning Experience!” I found it amusing because just about anything we encounter has the potential to be a learning experience. This week’s card symbolizes just that. It is representative of the struggles we undertake in order to gain something for ourselves. Sometimes the Universe does put obstacles in our path, not just to see how we handle it, but to give us the opportunity to make ourselves stronger and wiser. I don’t always like the lessons life throws at me. We aren’t supposed to like them all, but each one builds a part of our character and our past lessons made us who we are today. So this week, pay close attention to the struggles you are facing. Examine them closely and by working your way through them, see what you will gain from them. By looking at the struggle objectively, it might make their undertaking a bit easier to work with. Even if by chance the only outcome you can recognize is personal growth, still embrace it wholeheartedly. Key Phrase for the week: My struggles lead to personal gain and I will work on undertaking them purposely.
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One Card Draw for the week of March 7th, 2016

Published on March 7, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: 7 of Chalices There is a multitude of New Moon energy in the 7 of Chalices. Everything that would go bump in the night can be felt within both the New Moon (March 8th) and this card’s energy. This card is associated with spells and being combined with the New Moon makes it an excellent time to work spells associated with wishes and growth as well as manifestation. You must write these down on the New Moon and put them out to the Universe. Some suggest making a list of your wishes/manifestations and mark them off as they come about. If you are like me, I tend to send mine off during a small fire ritual. Both the New Moon and the card also lend themselves to bringing about premonitions. If you feel that internal gut of yours begin to tumble over or your dreams become very intense, listen very closely. This is a powerful double duo this week. What you feel and what you might see in your dreams are very important yet the message may be buried deep. If they are too intense to process or examine closely right away, write the feelings and imagery down and look at them after the week or excess energy has passed. Their purpose does not go away as the week ends. For the intuitives and empaths: your energy may have a tendency to run completely off the rails during this week. You may be prone to stomach ailments, headaches, racing hearts, cold sweats, and a constant creepy feeling that someone or something is watching you. Don’t be surprised if you have that “impending doom” cloud hanging around. Grounding, centering, shielding and vigilance will help mitigate the stronger energy. If you have a place where you can break away from everyone for a few hours…
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One Card Draw for the week of February 29th, 2016

Published on February 29, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: Strength I have heard from so many sources that the “Year of the Monkey” can just go away now. I keep hearing that 2016 has been burdensome to so many. We can look at the things that try us, test us, bend us, and darn near break us in two ways. We can look at them as burdens, or we can look at them as opportunities. Our card this week is all about supporting us to do the latter. We will be given courage to work through the tricky storms that have blown into our lives these last few weeks. You will be given the energy needed to stand strong and face what may feel like insurmountable odds. Your mind will be strengthened so you can see clearly through the fog that seems to hide the truth from you. This is a year of transition. This will be a year of firsts. This is a year where the Universe is looking to build you up, reshape you, remold you and make you more fantastic than you already are. Growing pains hurt, but they are so worth it in the end. Key Phrase for the week: I will remember that the Universe will strengthen me, support me, and give me all the courage I need.
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One Card Draw for the week of February 22nd, 2016

Published on February 22, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: 7 of Swords Just how hard have you been working lately? Have you been feeling like you are the hamster on the wheel, running and running going nowhere? What would you think if I told you that for part of this week you will get the opportunity to get off the wheel for a short while? Did you just breathe a sigh of relief or smile? The energy of this card is three fold. First, you will start seeing some of the results of your hard work and dedication. The results may not be over the top or grand in the bigger scheme of things, but they will be noticeable and acknowledgeable. Second, you will be able to collect on some of those favors you keep tossing about. You know, those I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine sort of favors. If some of those are long overdue though, I wouldn’t entirely hold my breath. You may just need to leave that playing field all together. Let them figure out what happened. Cut the cords and ties and move on. With that in mind, you are also reminded to make sure that YOU deliver the goods. You should be at a point where you can, so make sure you’re not the one skimping out on promises to be kept. Let’s talk about those promises for just a bit. From this point forward, so you’re not continually the one on the hamster wheel, you are to only make promises that do not make you bend, break, exhaust resources you need for yourself, or crosses boundaries you don’t want crossed. How much of that hamster wheel is caused by promises ushered forth in haste? If you feel as if you are being forced into saying yes or…
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One Card Draw for the week of February 15th, 2016

Published on February 15, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: Justice Sometimes when we are mired in the day to day here in Midgard, we forget that while we might appear to lose our battles that there is a higher court with higher authority that everyone answers to. No one can escape their karma or wyrd forever. It is frustrating seeing those who deserve a Mjolnir swing upside their head escape earthly consequences they have truly earned and deserve. Justice doesn’t always work that way. There is an equilibrium each of us maintains, a delicate balance in which we walk that tightrope, keeping the Nine Noble Virtues, and wanting desperately to act out against the better judgement of our inner noble self. We seek to be the bringers of Justice. To step off that tightrope is to potentially set off a chain of debt that can be inherited by our offspring. The idea is to leave the book of wyrd firmly in the black for our coming generations. Of course this runs in countenance to what we see as logical consequences. Someone breaks a law or is dishonorable here; they should serve their sentence here where all of mankind can see. I can honestly say that the repayment you cannot see is far heavier and exponentially more severe than any man based court can merit out. By always taking the high road, and holding high to the nine noble virtues, you are building equity in your family’s wyrd bank. Too often people do not consider how their actions affect not only their children, but their grand and great grandchildren. It adds up and adds up quickly. You must seek out the balance that allows you to understand why some things seem to go unpunished and knowing just how bad the backlash will be. Sometimes it is…
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One Card Draw for the week of February 8th, 2016

Published on February 8, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: Queen of Swords Sometimes in life, we are required to make a stand on our own, without help from people around us; isolated much like the widow is when she loses her husband. She is suddenly thrust into a world where everything must be handled by her as before these tasks were shared. This card is letting us know that sometimes it is up to us to be the Warrior Queen, the Valkyrie. We must remain steadfast and strong and be willing to bear the burden on our shoulders. Yet a true queen knows that it is only the final decision that must be made alone. She has grown wise in her battles and uses her resources around her to help lessen the burden of her rule. She has grown a worthy comradery of people whose council she trusts above all others. She knows the boundaries of her financial backing and what she is willing and not willing to compromise on. The one thing however that she knows closest to heart is to never give in. While battles may have to be strategically retreated from, they don’t have to be over. A true ruler is patient and cunning. True rulers understand that truth and honor are to be held above all else. Be that Valkyrie in your life. Key Phrase for the week: Like the Valkyrie, I will hold steadfast in my beliefs and not give in.
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One Card Draw for the week of February 1st, 2016

Published on February 1, 2016 under Weekly Readings
Deck: Viking Tarot Card: 4 of Wands This is the week of safe harbor. The energy will all be about peace in our lives emotionally, spiritually and financially. When peace comes in, it allows us clarity of mind to see the truths that may have been hidden from us. It allows us to momentarily seek shelter from the storm of life and allows us to focus on things that matter to us the most. The Universe is granting you this safe space in order to prepare yourself for the wonderful growth to come with the arrival of Spring, and with Imbolc arriving on the 2nd of February, it signifies the opportunity to make great unions happen. Relish this wonderful energy and allow yourself to relax and celebrate life as it is. Also, take some time to work on those romantic relationships for this is a card about marriage as well. Work on recommitting yourself to one another and allow yourself the chance to explore your connections on a deeper level. Key Phrase for the week: I will relish the peace given within the safe space created by the Universe so my love may grow.
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